Due to the high crime rate in South Africa in 1998, Bertus Myburgh, a dedicated police officer decided to start a private close protection business for the protection of business owners and their staff.

The business community welcomed the idea of a well-trained protection unit. Since the implementation of this service, we have observed a dramatic decline in criminal activity on these premises. This indicates that our service has reached its objectives.

In 2001, Copwatch management decided to expand it’s field of service to include a security guards branch as well as a security analysis division. In 2003, we started with the operation of our 24 hour control room and armed response division. In 2006, a business decision was taken and the guarding division was sold. We are currently specializing in Alarm monitoring and Response service.

After many years of existence, lasting friendship and mutual trust has been formed between business owners and Copwatch employees. It has been our duty and privilege to protect our clients during this period, without the occurrence of any serious criminal offences. It is this feeling of security and commitment that we offer to all existing and potential clients. Due to the fact that we employ SAPS trained personnel, we have access to a wealth of experience and knowledge accumulated through years of professional policing and community service.

All personnel who are employed by us have the same attitude towards service excellence as is harbored by management and existing Copwatch members.

oUR mission

To travel through life and gain the knowledge to achieve excellence by
Caring more than others think is necessary
Risking more than others think is safe
Dreaming more than others think is realistic
Expecting more than others think is possible
To be what we can be… THE BEST


Our team consists of over 70% people of color. We as a team emphasise that with some effort and dedication every one of these officers can achieve their goal in the security industry – becoming what they can be… THE BEST!

All our security personnel has got an equal chance to become part of the management team, like Mr. S Phahlamohlaka, and therefore are encouraged to give their utmost best while on duty to achieve excellence through perfection.
Copwatch is in the process of acquiring a formal BBEEE status.

You deserve to be protected by the best