Integrating traditional security with the latest of solutions in the form of Video verified alarms,

Electronic Guarding Technology

VIDEOFIED Technology: Using motion sensors, the Videofied motionviewer is activated upon motion trigger and sends a short 10 second low resolution video the the Copwatch Control room.

Black Screen Monitoring: With our Hikvision installations, we are able to offer black screen monitoring which makes use of artificial intelligence to distinguish between objects, vehicles and humans. 

Copwatch  combines expert Video alarm technology with state of the art 24 hour control room technology in order to achieve maximum impact on pro active crime prevention.

Utilising traditional security with the latest video verified alarms and CCTV technology, thus securing high risk and remote areas while reducing cost and improving security. Providing the client with a tailored solution to their unique requirements.


Copwatch provides it’s electronic guarding solutions through
BATS Technologies, a trusted partner and subsidiery of Copwatch.

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